FPVModel Betaflight F7 RV1 30x30 Flight Controller FC - BFF7

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Betaflight F7 is here and it features a completely new layout. Top mounted solder pads ensure ease of access for the even the trickiest of builds. The Betaflight F7 features dual gyros so the user can have their choice of which one to use, either the tried and true MPU6000, or the ICM20608. Learn more about this FPV Flight Controller below:   Specifications:
  • 3-6s 
  • Simplistic Layout
  • Two Gyro options
  • Betaflight OSD
  • Filtered output for FPV systems
  • Smart Audio/Tramp Telemetry compatibily
  • 4 uarts (can read inverted and univerted signals)
  • Camera Control 
  • Buzzer
  • Blackbox via flash memory 
  • 30.5x30.5 FC mounting
BetaflightF7 Setup Guide   Features:  Programmable LEDs, Flash Memory, individual pad for camera control, labeled Smart Audio/Tramp TX1 next to VTx soldering pads. Labeled Smart Port TX2 pad next to Sbus/Ibus/DSM2 UART6 Tx, 5v and 3.3v pads (user selection based on type of receiver used), four pads for ESC telemetry connected to RX1.(Each pad placed near corners of the board)    Betaflight F7 Flight Controller for Sale

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