T-Motor F4 FC & F45A V2.0 4in1 ESC 30x30 Stack/Combo

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The new T-Motor F4 is a well laid out, full-featured FC with up to 6 uarts for your accessories along with an onboard 5V 2A BEC, LC filter, and OSD chip. This Flight Controller's component layout is specifically designed for use with the F45A V2.0 4in1 ESC, to minimize stack height after installation.

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Flight Controller

  • Wide input Voltage
  • 6 Uarts, and 6 ESC Connections
  • 5V 2A BEC & LC Filter
  • Designed to stack with T-Motor F45A V2.0 & F55 Pro II 4in1 ESCs

4in1 ESC

  • 32bit Main Control Chip: Compared with traditional MCU of 8 bit, 32bit stm32f051 main control chip enjoys the advantage of fast computing speed and multiple functions.
  • Fast Response Speed: Prompt and accurate response on throttle signal receiving for the euphoria from zero lag operation.
  • Original BLHeli_32 Firmware: Original BLHeli_32 firmware with powerful performance and diverse functions capable of ESC parameter setting and firmware upgrading makes the ESC far more reliable and efficient.
  • Now includes a 10V 2A BEC for powering your FPV electronics.


Flight Controller

  • Input Voltage: 2-8S (8.4-33.6V)
  • MCU: STM32F405RGT6
  • IMU: ICM20602
  • OSD: Yes
  • Blackbox: 16MB Onboard Flash
  • Uarts: 6
  • ESC Connections: 6
  • Firmware: BetaFlight Target: TMOTOR F4
  • BEC: 5V 2A
  • LC Filter: Yes
  • Current Sensor: Esc Telemetry / Current ADC
  • Buzzer: Pads 
  • Barometer: No
  • Dimensions: 37x37x7mm
  • Mounting Pattern: 30.5x30.5mm
  • Weight: 7g

4in1 ESC

  • Input Voltage: 3-6S
  • Con. Current: 4*45A 
  • Peak Current (10S): 4*53A
  • BEC: 10V 2A
  • Size: 45x417.3mm
  • Weight: 17.3g


  • 1x T-Motor F4 30x30 Flight Controller
  • 1x T-Motor F45A V2.0 3-6S 4-in-1 ESC
  • 4x Damping Rubbers
  • 4x Motor Wire PCB
  • 2x 8pin wiring harness (1x 70mm, 1x 30mm)
  • 1x XT60 Lead 
  • 1 x 35v 470uf Capacitor

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